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Kona Fit Camp trips come in all shapes and sizes. We offer fit trips for women, for couples, for yoga groups, for seniors… you get the picture. Check out our upcoming trips and join us.

November 8-14, 2017

Kona Fit Camp with Will Cath

Fitness is our lifestyle, and we are taking our lifestyle with us on vacation. We are walkers, runners, bikers, tennis players and golfers. We look forward to invigorating morning workouts and afternoon hikes. And we sometimes have a cocktail at sunset while we reflect on the great day we just had and the many more to come.

Will Cath will host a Kona Fit Camp Nov. 8-14, 2017

Will Cath is literally the rock star of the Portland fitness scene. He is a renowned drummer who used to tour with a band. Everyone knows or has heard of Will, and for good reason.

In 2016, Will won the prestigious Trainer of the Year Award at the Multnomah Athletic Club because of his excellence in group and personal training. His group exercise classes at the MAC, Planet Granite and the Portland Rock Gym are always packed. Will has also developed a niche following among rock climbers who seek his expertise to build functional strength for climbing.

As if winning awards and training rock climbers isn’t enough, Will is also a renowned drummer who toured with his band back in the day. Total rock star.

Pricing: $1795 for single, or $2,600 for couple sharing a king bed suite. A $400 deposit will reserve your spot with the balance due by September 8, 2017.
Includes: Deluxe accommodations for 6 nights, daily breakfasts, all-inclusive happy hour every night, and one dinner.

November 8-14, 2017

Kona Fit Camp with Fulcrum Fitness

We are neighbors, and we are a community. We fight hard to make time for ourselves. We don’t expect to get a pat on the back just for showing up, but we love patting our workout buddies on the back after a job well done. We get fit, have fun, and kick ass.

Fulcrum Fitness is going to Kona Fit Camp Nov. 8-14, 2017

Willamette Week has named Fulcrum Fitness one of Portland’s top 5 best gyms — and they are a favorite to win the outright title for best gym of 2017. Their bootcamp style workouts are legendary because they are effective, rewarding, and all kinds of fun.

Megan Abernathy’s energy as a Fulcrum Fitness trainer is one of the reasons for the gym’s popularity. She has a presence at all of the Fulcrum gyms, and her positive vibe motivates clients to do more than they ever thought possible.

Megan’s talents run far and wide and are perfect for Hawaii. She is a competitive bodybuilder who knows how to rock a tan and a bikini. Megan is also a professional hula-hooper and has vowed to bring her fire hoops to provide some night time entertainment.

Pricing: $1795 for single, or $2,600 for couple sharing a king bed suite. A $400 deposit will reserve your spot with the balance due by September 8, 2017.
Includes: Deluxe accommodations for 6 nights, daily breakfasts, all-inclusive happy hour every night, and one dinner.

April 10-16, 2018

Kona Fit Camp with Paisley Meekin

We are young, old and in-between. We come in all shapes and sizes. We aren’t perfect, but we share a common goal of self-improvement. We support, encourage and motivate each other. We reward ourselves. We don’t make excuses, because we are in charge of making our own happiness. We are going to start 2017 off right at Kona Fit Camp with Paisley Meekin.

Trainer Paisley Meekin leads an April 10-16, 2018 Kona Fit Camp

Paisley Meekin is a Kona Fit Camp alum, and she is one of the Pacific Northwest’s most popular and sought after trainers. Paisley grew up in the wilds of Alaska where survival of the fittest still means something. She is tough and bold and brave, in all the best ways. Paisley took those attributes, and her sense of humor, and started Honest Training several years ago.

Paisley’s approach at Honest Training is more than just about leading a workout session. She gets to know every client on a personal level. She knows her client’s goals and helps achieve them. Paisley also understands her client’s limitations. She will push you without breaking you. She instills confidence and power by building you up, not beating you down.

Most of all, Paisley promotes acceptance and feeling good about yourself. That includes promoting discipline and accountability for your own health and happiness. But, it also includes taking the pressure off of the notion we have to be perfect. Paisley creates a community where everyone is accepting and non-judgmental. Where everyone is welcoming and encouraging, and where a workout can feel like an outing with friends.

Paisley’s Kona Fit Camp for women is designed to empower, inspire and motivate. This will be a sell-out trip, so reserve your spot today.

Pricing: $1,795 per person — $400 deposit and $1395, due no later than December 31, 2017.
Includes: Deluxe accommodations for 6 nights, daily breakfasts, welcome dinner, daily workouts, and nightly happy hour.


To Sign Up

Fill out the Contact Form to get your name on a trip list, and we will contact you within 24 hours to answer any questions and get you signed up. A $400 non-refundable deposit will save your spot on the trip. Payment for the balance is due on the date listed on your trip description, usually a few months in advance of your trip.

Getting Around

Prices do not include ground transportation or airfare. As of 2017, Uber does not yet exist in Kona. Taxi fare from the airport runs about $40-50. Rental cars are plentiful in Kona and Costco Travel often offers great deals on rental cars. While not completely necessary due to our fabulous location, most people find they will want a rental car for at least part of their trip.

Traveler's Insurance and No Refund Policy

We all hope to arrive for our trips healthy and stress-free, but none of us knows what might happen, and a lot of time may pass between now and your trip. At the time you sign up for your trip, and again before you purchase your airline tickets, please consider obtaining travel insurance to protect your investment. Due to facility contracts and our own pre-payment obligations, Kona Fit Camp’s reservation deposits are non-refundable, and unless your trip is sold out and we can fill your spot with someone on our waitlist, trip payments made within 120 days of your trip are non-refundable.

Travel insurance can cover contingencies like family emergencies, unexpected illness, or weather conditions that none of us plan on and hope won’t happen. We hope you understand that because of the nature of our business, we can offer no exceptions to this policy. To purchase or get more information about travel insurance, visit Travel Guard or Allianz Travel Insurance.

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